Shipping fspot instead of gthumb

Corey Burger corey.burger at
Sat Jul 15 01:55:11 BST 2006

Hey all,

Time to start yet another discussion. Hopefully this will not go
offtopic as badly my last one did. Anyway, I think we should ship
fspot in place of gthumb.

1. Fspot has some nice features, like flickr integration, timelining and tags
2. Fspot is actively developed, gthumb is dead
3. Fspot is likely to become part of gnome (although not by the edgy
cycle, as the author has not proposed it

1. Fspot brings in mono, with all that that implies. Mostly it is a space issue
2. Data migration from gthumb currently does not exist (although Larry
Ewing, author of Fspot has said he has a patch and that should be in a
stable version during the edgy cycle)



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