New Desktop Idea... (IMPORTANT TO ART TEAM...has to do with Icons)

Viper550 gthompson at
Wed Jul 12 19:54:48 BST 2006

Edir wrote:
> What do you think about this? create submenus like we have in Windows 
> but extending the menu and not showing as a simple menu like Windows do.
> <>
> We could use this in the select box "Show", we can put there options 
> like "Places", "Network Connections", "Recent Documents" and many 
> other. But! In this place i think it's not so fast to select what you 
> want. But it's good too, is a simple solution!
 PERFECT! Best Idea Ever, now all we have to do is hack the source code 
with these added changes...and it will be ready for primetime.

But...we do have one more major problem that almost has NOTHING to do 
with the actual module at all!

This also explains why this has also been sent to Ubuntu-Art as well.

The Control Center and Application Browser use larger icons than the 
regular menus, so we'll have to make larger versions of the current 
preferences icons in order for this to go through. I am sending this 
message to both the Desktop group and the Artwork group to make sure we 
all know this: we need as many SVG's of the Human, Tangerine, and Tango 
icon sets (or 48x48 icons at least) distributed in their corresponding 
icon sets as possible in order for the Control Center to look properly. 
We already have the correct icon sizes for Applications, but because 
we've never actually "needed" them, there are no larger icons for the 
Settings panels. Consistency is what we need.

 I was originally told that this wasn't Art Team business, but I guess 
it is now. Only YOU can help keep things consistant


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