6.06 on iBook install crashing

David Cheung sweetnsourbkr at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 6 16:29:01 BST 2006

I'm having trouble installing on an Apple iBook G3.  I downloaded the PowerPC version and burned it.  It boots fine and loads the desktop.  However, the installer keeps crashing just after the partition step.  I've tried using my own custom partition and using the default as well, but the installer always crashes just after that (right before it starts formatting the new partitions).  
  At first I thought it was because I was missing a partition or the /etc/fstab was not configured right (I had trouble with this too, seemed like the installer was buggy and couldn't recognize some partitions, but it went away eventually).  
  Anyway, after looking through the partition assignments and making sure that there's a bootloader partition (I had to make this through fdisk on the CLI, gparted wouldn't do it), it seems like it should work, but it doesn't.
  My custom partitions are as follows:
  /dev/hda1    table
  /dev/hda2    boot
  /dev/hda3    swap 1G
  /dev/hda4    /tmp 512M
  /dev/hda5    /var 512M
  /dev/hda6    / 5G
  /dev/hda7    /home 30G (or so)
  The crash info has a lot of python errors.  I will post it on a followup email next time I get a chance to recreate the problem.
  Can anyone help me with this?  Is there anything I can do differently to prevent the installer from crashing?
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