The return of the clocks of death (this time in the new gnome logout dialogs)

Manu Cornet Manu.Cornet at
Mon Jan 30 11:59:33 GMT 2006

Hi !

> > If you are worried about data theft, etc, then the screensaver should 
> > be set to default lock and the logout dialog(s) should not stop the 
> > countdown clock to the screensaver to being activated.
> That's a reasonable solution, but only if the screensaver delay is 
> short.

Just thought I'd mention that this is already the case with the session
dialog I made (with the 6 buttons) : it doesn't stop the screensaver
from being activated.

I couldn't check whether this is true with the two upstream dialogs
though, since the screensaver seetings won't let it appear sooner than
after 1 minute :)


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