ubuntu-desktop Digest, Vol 7, Issue 21

Ashley Hooper ash_hooper at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 25 12:11:45 GMT 2006

I agree with all of Sebastian's points, but in particular the ones I've quoted
below.  Who am I?  I'm just a Gnome user but very much interested in the future
direction Gnome takes.

--- Sebastian Heinlein wrote ---

> I would also vote for the round edges for aesthetical reasons.
> The message is a small window. Closing a window is done by clicking on
> the close button. It is getting fragile if you click somewhere on the
> window and it disappears, since there is no hint what would happen if
> But why has the icon another background color? I haven't seen this
> anywhere else in the GNOME desktop. So I think that consistency counts
> here, too.
> By the way gtk-dialog-info would be better icon instead of
> gtk-information, since it is available in larger sizes. This would avoid
> the blurry pixeled information icon.
> Summary: small close button in the upper right. round edges. tooltip
> color. only one background color.


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