For those who care about the notification-daemon

Michael Vogt michael.vogt at
Mon Jan 23 14:43:11 GMT 2006

Dear Friends,

notification-daemon has a new upstream release (0.3.2). It moves away
from the current bubble comic look [1] of the notifications to the old
look that was used in breezy (because apparently a lot of people hate
the new look).

Now, the dapper desktop plan spec states:
* The notifier popup will just have an [x] to close it, to click on.
* Clicking anywhere in the notifier popup will actually close it.
[with some discussion at the end whether not that that should be done]

Here are the options we have:
1. keep the current bubble look (needs some upstream work, as the bubbles
   are broken right now in upstream svn)
2. use the new look unchanged (same as in breezy):
3. add a close button, here are mockups of various places where we 
   can put the button:
4. come up with something totally new *cough* and hope we find someone
to implement it :)

Comments/Suggestions welcome!


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