Themes and wallpapers

Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at
Mon Jan 23 12:41:31 GMT 2006


I'm preparing a collection of sample content files for dapper, such as 
OpenOffice files, some Ogg clips, etc. These files will be placed on the 
user's system in a discoverable place and will make it easier to get 
started with the various applications. See spec:

An obvious thing to include is PNG and SVG desktop backgrounds from, preferably with the related Gimp source files (for the 
PNGs). I don't think these should be installed as wallpaper options by 
default, but should be included as files in a directory in ~. There can 
also be a ReadMe.html in the same location that explains how to add 
backgrounds and where to get more.

My question really is about themes. Most of us download themes from or to tweak our desktops. However, the 
audience that I'm making this sample content collection for may not have 
the inclination to do that. I wonder if we should include some 
alternative themes in the form of tarballs in the user dir with 
instructions on how to install or should they instead be pre-installed?

The metacity theme files are generally very small and the SVG icon files 
are not too bad either. The question is: which ones are of high enough 
quality and complete enough to be included? IMHO several of the default 
Gnome themes should be retired (as they are boring or cheezy): Crux, 
Grand Canyon, Ocean Dream, Traditional. But I guess that's another 
debate ...

- Henrik

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