Logout dialog improvement suggestions

Vincent Untz vuntz at ubuntu.com
Wed Jan 18 09:41:14 GMT 2006


On Wed, January 18, 2006 09:32, Seth McBean wrote:
> Aside from the eyecandy aspects of the logout dialog, is there any
> work going into the functionality-side of the Gnome logout? Logging
> out with unsaved data still clobbers everything that was running
> without prompting the user to save changes. Are there any plans in the
> works to implement a "save unsaved changes" hook to the logout
> procedure? Prompting to save unsaved changes and holding until
> confirmation, seems like it would be a more useful feature in the
> spirit of the Just Works philosophy, since unlike with other DEs'
> people might be used to, they now potentially have unsaved work on
> four desktops instead of just one.

Open gedit, type some text, do not save and logout. You should see
what you want :-)

Now, maybe some applications need to be fixed to do the same thing.


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