Logout dialog improvement suggestions

Manu Cornet Manu.Cornet at GMail.com
Wed Jan 18 06:09:45 GMT 2006

Hi !

(I'm the one who designed the dialog.)

> > 1) It should appear less like a dialog and more like "i own your  
> > screen right now".
> Why? Is there any reason for this other than "Microsoft Windows does  
> it"? (I've never understood why Windows does it.)

I agree, there's probably no reason (and by the way OS X doesn't lock
the screen either).

> That you can open two instances of the same dialog is a bug for any  
> dialog, but that doesn't mean all dialogs should darken the screen.

The dialog still has a few minor issues that I'm going to solve.
However, this particular bug should be solved already.

> > 2) The shortcut key actions should work without pressing Alt.  This is
> > important if the logout dialog is to be triggered by pressing the  
> > power button of the machine (common on laptops).  Someone wants to be  
> > able to hit [power] [r] to reboot for example.

I can do that, no problem.

> > 3) Defaults -- If invoked from the logout menu then hitting 'enter'
> > should logout - not cancel.  If invoked as a result of the user  
> > hitting the power button then enter should power down.  This default  
> > action should be made clear.

Right, I'll make this happen too (still need to see exactly how to
handle this when the power button is pressed).

About the dialog design, the idea was also that we could just split it
into two separate dialogs (and this appears on the wiki spec linked by
mpt), one with Logout/Switch (Logout is the default), one with
ShutDown/Reboot/Sleep|Hibernate (Shutdown is the default).

I think this is a good idea, and in that case we should probably :

1. Make two separate entries in the System menu.
2. Let the power management dialog appear when the Power button is
3. What about the upper-right icon we're going to add soon ? Should it
bring the current dialog, ie with all options at the same time ?


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