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Matthew Paul Thomas mpt at canonical.com
Tue Jan 17 23:49:49 GMT 2006

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On 17 Jan, 2006, at 9:32 PM, Ryan Lortie wrote:
> I was asked to comment on some possible improvements for the new  
> logout dialog that dapper has.  Here are my comments:
> 1) It should appear less like a dialog and more like "i own your  
> screen right now".

Why? Is there any reason for this other than "Microsoft Windows does  
it"? (I've never understood why Windows does it.)

> Think gksudo.

As far as I know, gksudo owns your screen only for security reasons. Do  
any such reasons exist for the logout dialog?

> The current dialog allows you to background, windowshade, etc.  You  
> can even get two instances of it open sometimes. Not good.

That you can open two instances of the same dialog is a bug for any  
dialog, but that doesn't mean all dialogs should darken the screen.

> 2) The shortcut key actions should work without pressing Alt.  This is
> important if the logout dialog is to be triggered by pressing the  
> power button of the machine (common on laptops).  Someone wants to be  
> able to hit [power] [r] to reboot for example.
> Note: goal 2 might conflict with goal 1.  Specifically, if it takes a
> long time to do the fading effect then the user might hit [r] before  
> the dialog has fully appeared.  No good.
> 3) Defaults -- If invoked from the logout menu then hitting 'enter'
> should logout - not cancel.  If invoked as a result of the user  
> hitting the power button then enter should power down.  This default  
> action should be made clear.

Agreed on all that.

> The default button situation could be made more clear by using the
> standard HIG dialog layout for the buttons.  This probably won't  
> happen considering the work that has gone into the layout as it  
> currently is. Thus is the price of violating the HIG :(
> ...

Yes, HIG-compliant designs involve much less design work. :-)

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