Logout dialog improvement suggestions

Ryan Lortie desrt at desrt.ca
Tue Jan 17 08:32:37 GMT 2006

I was asked to comment on some possible improvements for the new logout
dialog that dapper has.  Here are my comments:

1) It should appear less like a dialog and more like "i own your screen
right now".  Think gksudo.  The current dialog allows you to background,
windowshade, etc.  You can even get two instances of it open sometimes.
Not good.

2) The shortcut key actions should work without pressing Alt.  This is
important if the logout dialog is to be triggered by pressing the power
button of the machine (common on laptops).  Someone wants to be able to
hit [power] [r] to reboot for example.

Note: goal 2 might conflict with goal 1.  Specifically, if it takes a
long time to do the fading effect then the user might hit [r] before the
dialog has fully appeared.  No good.

3) Defaults -- If invoked from the logout menu then hitting 'enter'
should logout - not cancel.  If invoked as a result of the user hitting
the power button then enter should power down.  This default action
should be made clear.

The default button situation could be made more clear by using the
standard HIG dialog layout for the buttons.  This probably won't happen
considering the work that has gone into the layout as it currently is.
Thus is the price of violating the HIG :(

Hope this helps to start a discussion :)

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