Gnome-app-install facelift

Michael Vogt michael.vogt at
Fri Jan 13 16:19:10 GMT 2006

Dear Friends,

with the additon of much more packages from universe/multiverse (and
in the future) proprietary applications gnome-app-installs tree based
approach don't scale that well anymore. 

Sebastian Heinlein came up with a new design that is based on a flat
structure much like rhythmbox. Here is a mockup:
and here are his excellent remarks:

I like the design a lot. I think we should move into that
direction. He also raises a couple of questions, wheter it should look
like a normal application or like a system-preference. I lean toward
having a menu. 

I you have idea/suggestions/critic on the new design, it's a good time
to raise them now :)


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