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Jeff Waugh jeff.waugh at
Tue Jan 10 00:58:38 GMT 2006

<quote who="Sebastien Bacher">

> At the moment we use ~/Documents as a special place (distro specific
> change) when it exists. The GTK fileselector default on it and the
> desktop/panel places/nautilus places list it. I would like to get your
> opinion on that. Do you think that the special place is useful? Should
> that be sent upstream? Would a special icon (as the one attached from one
> of the previous mails on the list) for it be a good idea?

I think it's worth the icon (something close to the home folder icon), and
having it automagically appear in the Places list if it exists, but I don't
think we should default to it in the file selector anymore. I've watched a
bunch of people either get annoyed at this, or wonder why the file selector
isn't "working the same way every time" (because our behaviour adapts to the
pwd of the process, etc). Great to have the icon in Places, but I think we
should go back to defaulting to ~, as that is the starting point for where
people keep their stuff (which goes further than just Documents).

- Jeff

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