annoying behaviour with removable media

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Sun Jan 8 09:53:56 GMT 2006


Am Samstag, den 07.01.2006, 17:45 +0100 schrieb Sebastien Estienne:
> I understand the technical reasons behind this (device are mounted in
> /media mount points) but i guess many users will be annoy by this.

If you're going to report this issue upstream, from my experience,
they're going to close this as NOTABUG. In past bugs they always
insisted on consistency. If there's a 'Computer' button ready to be
clicked, it wouldn't be very consistent to have UP make you go
from /media/<whatever> to computer:// - but don't worry, this is just my
opinion, maybe the guys in #nautilus or on nautilus-list@ see this
differently. :-)

> there is another strange thing with the the navigation in nautilus:
> do the following:
> 1) places -> home folder
> ...
> 7) you end up in "/" instead of "xkb"

This seems to be a more valid point. You maybe should raise the issue in, if it is not reported yet.

Have a nice day,

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