annoying behaviour with removable media

Sebastien Estienne sebastien.estienne at
Sat Jan 7 16:45:37 GMT 2006


i wanted to know if this annoying behaviour will be fixed in upcoming gnome:
when you enter a removable device (eg a cdrom) with nautilus from the
"computer place" and then goes "UP" with nautilus, you end up in the
/media directory.

This is quite annoying because we expect to go back to "computer
place" and moreover, when  i clicked on the device it's name is the
name of the cdrom or the device, and when we end up in the /media
directory, its named cdrom0 floppy, etc...

I understand the technical reasons behind this (device are mounted in
/media mount points) but i guess many users will be annoy by this.

there is another strange thing with the the navigation in nautilus:
do the following:
1) places -> home folder
2) click on the arrow on the left of the home folder in the navigation
bar to expand it
3) click on the icon corresponding to "/"
4) go by clicking in etc -> X11 -> xkb (for example)
5) then click on the "etc" button from the navigation bar
6) then press the BACK arrow
7) you end up in "/" instead of "xkb"
Sebastien Estienne

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