Using the Windows key for Accessibility support

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Fri Jan 6 01:20:26 GMT 2006

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On 4 Jan, 2006, at 3:27 AM, Henrik Nilsen Omma wrote:
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> I'd like to suggest that we pre-configure the Windows key (and the 
> Apple key on PPC?) to launch the applications menu.

That may make sense for a PC keyboard, but many people seem to be 
annoyed at it in Windows, because it's effectively a modal interface 
and it's easy to get into the mode by accident. 

As for PPC, if almost everyone using Ubuntu on PPC will have previously 
used some version of Mac OS, they will be used to the Command (aka 
Apple) key being used for standard keyboard shortcuts (Undo, Cut, Copy, 
Paste, Open, etc). So having the Command key do anything other than (a) 
act as a Control key, or (b) nothing at all, would be very frustrating.

> At the moment it can be activated with Alt-F1, but this key 
> combination is not possible for some users. You can activate sticky 
> keys or mouse keys which would generally cover this need, but those 
> are not activated on a fresh install and cannot be accessed without 
> using the menu :(  (see:
> ...

I suggest fixing that bug instead, then. :-)

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