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Alain Perry alain.perry at
Thu Jan 5 07:38:38 GMT 2006

2006/1/5, Sebastien Bacher <seb128 at>:
> Some first comments on the patches for now:
> "08_pathbar_sidebar_localize.patch":
> * you replace the actual user name by "Home", why?

This I do in the filechooser too. As I said in one of my first mails,
it is because I considered an inconsistency the fact that we use
"Home" in the gnome-panel and not in the filechooser and Nautilus. I
really think this makes it easier to understand for the user, but I
don't really care if we keep it or not. If you want me to, I'll revert
this without complaining.

> * the second change (spacing difference) is not useful :)

Woops sorry, thought I had got rid of this one. I'll send a new patch
when I get your thoughts on the matter above.

> The new icon should probably go upstream so it's a part of the standard
> set and some other theme may do a variant for it before gnome-panel use
> it. The gnome-panel patches is fine but makes only sense for when
> gnome-icon-theme will ship the gnome-fs-documents icon

The problem here is that I don't know much about upstream, but I think
all the ~/Documents handling stuff we do is done with Ubuntu specific
patches. So I don't know if upstream will want to add an icon that
they don't use anywhere to their code. Maybe it would be better to add
it to the ubuntu package of gnome-icon-theme ? Anyway, I thought the
specific icon would allow users to identify more easily the Documents
folder anywhere they would see it, but if it is not wanted, I really
won't complain and remove all this from the patches.

So, give me your thoughts, I'll act accordingly :-)

Alain Perry

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