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Alain Perry alain.perry at
Thu Jan 5 07:27:15 GMT 2006

> The patch looks fine but doesn't apply on top of gtk 2.8.9, what sources
> did you use to do the patch?

I used the ones provided by "apt-get source gtk" on a dapper install.
And of course built the package with the patch.

> By example gtk/gtkpathbar.c mentions "dir_name = _("Desktop");" but the
> upstream source has no such code

That's because it needs the 000_pathbar_localization.patch to be
applied before. I sent it in a previous mail.

> I've not tried because the patch doesn't apply, but maybe your icon
> theme doesn't provide all the variants for the icon?

Hmm, I wasn't being clear (as usual). The icon I made was just to test
it, and though the testfilechooser app and Nautilus (among others) use
the test icon I made, yet when I opened gedit to test my patch with
its filechooser, the icon wasn't used.

I'll answer better (I hope) to the icon things in the next mail, anyways...

Alain Perry

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