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Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Thu Jan 5 02:24:35 GMT 2006

Le mardi 03 janvier 2006 à 19:00 +0100, Alain Perry a écrit :
> 2006/1/3, Alain Perry <alain.perry at>:
> > I'm really gonna flood this list...
> So here I go again, with 2 patches for Nautilus (pathbar and sidebar
> localization

Some first comments on the patches for now:


* you replace the actual user name by "Home", why?
* the second change (spacing difference) is not useful :)

>  1 for gnome-panel
> (actually, just a small change in the existing patch, to make it use
> the new icon) and the boring icon I made to test those parts of them
> that needed it.

The new icon should probably go upstream so it's a part of the standard
set and some other theme may do a variant for it before gnome-panel use
it. The gnome-panel patches is fine but makes only sense for when
gnome-icon-theme will ship the gnome-fs-documents icon


Sebastien Bacher

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