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Jeff Waugh jeff.waugh at
Thu Jan 5 01:22:11 GMT 2006

<quote who="adel">

> > Could you describe what you don't like about the current structure of
> > the menu
> there's nothing I don't like about current "Menu Bar", actually I'm using
> it happily, I was talking about "Main Menu" which is different panel's
> applet.
> I can't talk about rest of users but I imagine that many users would love
> to have JDS/w9x-like menu, if Ubuntu could has both then why not?

Are you talking about the *structure* of the menu itself (which is what Seb
was asking about) or the design of the menu button?

If you mean the design of the menu button, I agree. We could easily switch
to a rectangular image to make it look more like a big button (or pull in a
Sun patch that also includes some translatable text, slightly more useful).
You can try this yourself by just changing the image to something wider. :-)

- Jeff

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