Ubuntu Documentation News - January 2006

Lukas Sabota punkrockguy318 at comcast.net
Tue Jan 3 02:55:26 GMT 2006

Matthew East wrote:

>Hi all,
>Taking inspiration from the Ubuntu Desktop News, the Documentation team
>has also produced a newsletter in which we outline all the new hotness
>in the Ubuntu Documentation World.
>This is the first newsletter from the DocTeam, and we will produce new
>ones every now and again. All newsletters will be available online at
>In this issue:
>                Ubuntu 5.10 Update
>                Documents for Ubuntu 6.04
>                Kubuntu Documentation
>                Wiki Documentation
>                How to Contribute
>                Useful Links
>== Ubuntu 5.10 Update ==
>We've recently prepared an update for the ubuntu-docs package in Breezy.
>This features:
>* An improved default start page for Firefox and Epiphany browsers
>* Updated translations of the Gnome documentation
>The update should hit your Breezy desktop soon!
>== Documents for Ubuntu 6.04 ==
>We're releasing two main documents in Ubuntu 6.04:
>* the Desktop Starter Guide (preview is at
>http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/) and
>* the Server Starter Guide (preview is at
>They are both in early stages of development. Testing, feedback,
>questions and above all '''contributions''' are always welcome to the
>ubuntu-doc mailing list.
>=== Dapper Flight 2 Release Notes ===
>Matt Galvin has recently produced a great guide to what's new in Dapper.
>For more information, see the page
>== Kubuntu Documentation ==
>Kubuntu 6.04 will have three documents in the works:
>* the Desktop Guide;
>* the Quick Guide; and
>* the Release Notes.
>Work is currently being done by Jonathan Jesse and Jerome Gotangco but
>we invite Kubuntu users to dive in and join the team!  With the help of
>JonathanRiddell, we will be able to include documents that are tagged as
>WIP (Work in Progress) in the coming milestone releases of Kubuntu.
>== Wiki Documentation ==
>=== New Hotness ===
>The documentation on the wiki is beginning to take shape. As always, the
>starting page for wiki documentation is
>https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDocumentation, which contains a (nearly
>complete) index of documents. Here are some highlights:
>* https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MultimediaApplications - a guided tour through
>many of the cool music & video applications in Ubuntu.
>* https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BasicCommands - confused by the command line?
>Lessen your confusion here.
>* https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ApacheMySQLPHP - need a webserver? This page
>will get you started!
>* https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MailServer - a series of guides to set up a
>mail server.
>* https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StrongPasswords - a guide to creating secure
>passwords in Ubuntu.
>=== Wiki License ===
>The licence policy for the Ubuntu wiki has been under discussion
>recently. The licence for the wiki has been unclear until now, and the
>need was felt to establish a proper formal licence to clarify for users
>and authors alike the terms on which material can be copied.  The final
>decision was that the wiki material will be in the Public Domain, i.e.
>totally free to be used, modified and copied. The details of the policy
>change, the reasons, and the means by which it will be implemented can
>be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WikiLicensing.
>=== Cleanup of old pages ===
>Corey Burger recently had a rush of blood and has done a massive cleanup
>operation on old and outdated wiki pages. Many useless pages have been
>deleted and many outdated developer specifications have been moved.
>=== Work to be Done ===
>Much work still remains to be done: lots of the documentation on the
>wiki is disorganised and needs a lot of love.  We need help, so please
>join the Documentation Team mailing list, and visit the wiki team pages
>https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WikiTeam and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WikiToDo
>for some inspiration! Some pages which need expansion are:
>* https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Wine - learn how to run your Windows programs
>* https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Games - having fun with Ubuntu has never been
>* https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MultiseatX - the new X.org 7.0/6.9 now
>contains multiseat
>* https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScanningHowTo - your scanners and Ubuntu, a
>short guide
>== How to Contribute ==
>The Documentation Team still has a lot of work to do, and needs your
>help!  Documentation is a great way to contribute to the Ubuntu
>community, even if you don't know how to write programs or build
>packages!  As always, you can find daily builds of the documentation
>(and details of how to contribute) on http://doc.ubuntu.com.  Another
>great starting place to learn quickly how to get involved is our wiki
>pages, especially https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocteamGettingStarted. You can
>also contact us on irc (#ubuntu-doc) or the mailing list
>You can also contribute to the Kubuntu documentation by checking the
>same website and the same mailing list.
>== Useful Links ==
>* http://help.ubuntu.com - All the stable documentation released with
>Ubuntu systems
>* http://doc.ubuntu.com - Documentation team website with builds of
>latest work in progress
>* https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam - Front page of our corner
>of the wiki.
I took a look at the new/improved Wiki pages; Great job!  They are very 
nice.  Now we have a nice tutorial on the command-line to recommend all 
our new-to-linux users!

God bless,

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