Selecting music for example-content

Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at
Wed Feb 22 20:44:09 GMT 2006

Hi Sandis,

Wow, again thanks for the thorough review. I'll look and listen at your 
recommendations from remixcommons.

Sandis Neilands wrote:
> We shouldn't base or decisions upon popularity of the music.If we do
> so we could end up shipping Beethoven-only CD. I mean I would rather
> be surprised by a cool tune I have never heard before than listen "Ode
> to joy" or "Moonlight sonata" yet another time.
Yes I agree, though I think if we pick something less known it should be 
fairly melodic so that it will only require one or two listens to like it.
> I think it sounds too midi'sh and I'm afraid it would sound even more
> midi'sh on cheap headphones/laptop speakers.
After hearing more stuff I agree with that. I'm already more impressed 
with this piece: It has a more interesting 
progression and better quality samples IMO. Less tinny and all round 
artistically better IMO. Unfortunately the license is unclear. I want to 
check out more stuff by the artist at: and then email him to see if we can 
arrange something. (the clip above is a video so the file is quite 
large, but presumably the audio file is available somewhere.)
> A lot of music over there. What are the deadlines for you? I'm asking
> because it will take time to get even a glimpse of whats inside.
Yes, there is a lot. The audio quality seems good, though the musical 
quality is often almost-good, I'm afraid. We could well find some pearls 
there though.

On the deadlines: I would like to find something acceptable by the end 
of this month so we don't have to stress too much about it. However, a 
better piece can always come in and replace it later on. In that sense 
we can get quite close to the release date which is mid-April. Closer to 
the deadline disc space constraints will also become firmer. We may need 
to have a few options of varying size.

- Henrik

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