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On Feb 21, 2006, at 9:43 AM, Daniel Holbach wrote:
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> Apart from making the content fresher, more exciting and more fun, one
> problem remains: making example content more visible. At the moment 
> it's installed into /usr/share/example-content - a place that my 
> mother would never find.

Ugh! :-) Wherever it goes, don't use the word "example", because I 
already know that, and don't use the word "content", because it hardly 
means anything.

How about /home/Shared/Music/, /home/Shared/Pictures/, and so on?

> What can we do to make this better?
> ...

How about:

For the audio files, leave them in /Users/Shared/Music, and add them to 
Rhythmbox's library for each account.

For the other types, copy them to the Pictures/ or Documents/ subfolder 
of each new home folder. They're not nearly as big as the audio files, 
so multiple copies of them won't matter.

And ensure that any images suitable as a desktop background are present 
in the Desktop Background Preferences list by default.

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