example-content - is it really a solution?

Armand CORBEAUX acorbeaux at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 22:35:29 GMT 2006

Sometimes I don't understand choices that are done...

By putting examples files in Ubuntu, will it really help people?

If you look at how people apprehend the software, you note that they don't
read documentation.

If you look at how people consider the examples files on others OS, you note
that they don't use them.

this is not a criticism, but another solution can be considered for the next
- To learn is an action which you make for yourself.
- One cannot force somebody to learn.

In this case an interesting solution could be to propose a presentation on
CD and indicate it on cover.
So that a presentation is interesting, it must be short, and indicates the
principal points.

But it is just a suggestion.

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