Windows FOSS on the Live CD -- the OOo2 question

Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at
Tue Feb 21 15:27:29 GMT 2006

Santiago Roza wrote:
> imho the win32 foss is a bad idea per se: we shouldn't take 100 mb for
> something that's not needed for ubuntu, especially when you're under
> heavy size constraints.
Well, remember that the CD isn't just for you and I who already know and 
use Ubuntu. It's for a wider audience, to which esp. the live CD serves 
as a great introduction tool. Once you are using Ubuntu, you can always 
install more software or you can get the DVD instead.

Imagine a conversation with a friend who you are trying to introduce to 
Ubuntu. He generally likes the concept of FOSS, and has been stubbed N 
times by virus and malware infections. So you have his interest, but 
then there are the obstacles:

 * I have this FooBarCash program on Windows that I really need
 * I need MS-Office/QuarkXpress, etc. for my job
 * I have all my files in format X
 * Repartitioning my drive sounds scary
 * My parents/friends/partner also use the machine and they won't like 
it if I change the system

Armed with an Ubuntu Live CD you can say: "OK, take this disc and 
restart your computer. Run the live session and see what you think. Then 
open it up on your Windows system, and at the very /least/ install 
Firefox. Using IE is just a bad idea. Using Firefox will at least reduce 
your exposure to nasty stuff and it has tabs!."

-- "OK, that sounds useful. I'll try it." They take the CD and actually 
use it :)

-  Henrik

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