Selecting music for example-content

Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at
Sun Feb 19 18:34:28 GMT 2006

Phil Bull wrote:
> Hi Henrik
> Have you seen this?

Thanks. I'm taking this back on list because I've explored a bit more, 
and have more to report :)

The trouble is that most of that content is actually non-free by the 
standards of Debian and Ubuntu. Most pieces are under the sampling 
license which allows only limited commercial use (like don't use it in 
adds). It's not that we are planning to use it commercially as such, but 
we are committed to Free content.

There might be some suitable stuff linked on from that page. I just 
tried the search feature, which seems to work reasonably well. Not all 
the licenses are as I had specified in the search, but some are. Cool! 
It's still a major task to sift through and find something that sounds 
good though :) (and I have a terrible ear for music, so please help :) )

- Henrik

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