Use bogofilter instead of spamassassin in Evolution

Lionel Dricot (aka Ploum) zeploum at
Mon Feb 13 10:19:12 GMT 2006


For quite a long time now, the spam filter in Evolution was really awful.
The new bogofilter is much much better !
I would like to thanks all the people who made this possible :-)

As it can hardly be worse than the spamassassin plugin shipped by default
with Hoary, I heavily suggest to enable bogofilter by default as soon as
possible in Dapper, so it will have a wide testing.

I installed it following
/usr/share/doc/evolution-plugins/README.bogofilter/README but feeding it
with only one "ham" mail since I was lazy. Believe it or not, it was
enough... It classifies spam/ham 100% better thant spamassassin !  only one
error in two days of heavy spamming.

I suggest that the default installation come with an already "feeded"

Cheers and see you at FOSDEM,

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