650M ? [was Re: Inkscape]

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at ubuntu.com
Sun Feb 12 16:55:20 GMT 2006


Am Sonntag, den 12.02.2006, 17:31 +0100 schrieb Manu Cornet:
> Downloading 700M or 650M doesn't seem really different to me, and I
> guess the extra 50M of software we could fit in is worth the trouble (if
> any) of getting a blank 700M CD ? Would it be more expensive for
> Canonical to ship those larger CDs ?

Somebody asked this question before and IIRC 700M CDs seem to be
uncommon in the CD pressing industry (or more expensive).

Needless to say, it'd take one or two months to have the same trouble
again and ponder how expensive 800M CDs would be. :-)

Have a nice day,

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