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Jochen Skulj jochen at
Sat Feb 11 13:54:13 GMT 2006


I am new on this list, so please excuse me for not replying to an
existing thread.

Are any plans to add the Human Yasis Icon Theme to an Ubuntu repository?
I've used this theme for a couple of weeks now and for me it fits almost
perfectly to the Ubuntu Human design. Aside from the discussion about
the default icon theme I think it would just nice if every user would be
able to install this icon theme easily by using apt-get or synaptic
instead of browsing through

I already tried to build a package of this theme for my own use [2].
Maybe some of you are interested to try it out. But it is the very first
package that I ever created. If the package doesn't work correctly I
would appreciate your feedback to learn more about building packages.

Thanks, Jochen

Jochen Skulj
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