Drag and drop behavior

Lukas Sabota punkrockguy318 at comcast.net
Wed Feb 8 20:19:24 GMT 2006

    I would like to discuss a bug/feature that I and other users I have 
collaborated with find very annoying.  This is some of the aspects of 
the "Drag and Drop" behavior in GNOME.  I would file a bug with these 
complaints, but I do not know which package to file under.
    Many times, when clicking on an object and moving the mouse quickly, 
it will be attached to the cursor (using the not-so-appealing document 
icon appended to the cursor theme), even while you are not holding the 
mouse button down.  If you are not holding down the mouse button, there 
should be no drag actions.  I often times find myself with an object 
attached to my cursor without any easy solution to get it off.  I see 
this a lot in mozilla-thunderbird, when scanning through messages 
(click, move, click, move). I also see this a lot when dealing with menu 
entires.  As a click on an icon and move the mouse, the shortcut is 
appended to my cursor even while I am not clicking the mouse.
    Less importantly, instead of appending a not-so-attractive document 
icon to the cursor, would it be a better solution to add a document 
cursor while dragging to the cursor theme? 
    I am looking forward to hear your opinions on these issues.

God Bless,

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