how to setup ftp user account!

Roberto Piscitello robepisc at
Mon Dec 18 13:49:43 GMT 2006

Dawa <dawatse at ...> writes:

> dear all,
> i have just using ubuntu 6.06 from the last one month and found it is 
> very interesting and useful too. until now i had been using windows as 
> an operating system on my machine and have suffered a lot. so fro now on 
> i have decided to you ubuntu as my desktop and small server too.
> so, any of you kindly help me how do i create ftp user in ubuntu 6.o6? 
> though i have installed ftp server and webserver using the help menu 
> from but am not able to create ftp user account 
> on my machine.
I never used proftpd, but I suggest you to install wu-ftpd for a really simple
to configure ftp server, instead.
It asks you a pair of question when you install it (sudo apt-get install
wu-ftpd) and doesn't require you to do _any_ manual configuration work (at least
for common cases).
By default it allows every user on your system to have access to their home dirs
through ftp.  Of course it can also (optionally) support anonymous logins and
can automatically create the ftp user for you.

That said, this list is not meant for user support.
Please use ubuntu-users instead, or open a support token in launchpad

> thanks a lot in advance.
> Dawa.


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