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Mon Aug 28 20:24:30 BST 2006

That's good to know.  Having installed Solaris 10 last night I have
installers on the brain and while I like the ubuntu installer it's
still not ideal in my mind.

In my mind the perfect installer goes like this.

It first asks you if you are going to be doing a normal or custom
install (noting that custom is for people who know their way around an

The custom installer, I think, works very much like the one we have
now, using the default settings but giving you the option of editing
along hte way (much like we have now).

The normal installer is for most users.  You get a few basic questions
(what are you going ot use the computer for, etc) and then it scans
your current machine.

It tells you what you setup is (you have an ubuntu distribution and a
windows install here) and lets you pick and choose whether to keep or
overwrite those (I would hope that it would suggest to keep them if
there is enough memory, but whatever).  Then it just goes.  Assuming a
dhcp internet connection it should be able to tell you where you are,
what time it is, and all that other crap as well we detect the jist of
your hardware.  Sure, you'll miss out of custom specialization, but
that's what a custom install is for.

Also, while we're talking about the install process (not the desktop
team's thing, but still) can we ask someone to pretty please set up a
script to change the default paper size based on location?  I have to
change it from a4 to letter on every install I do.  it blows.

On 8/28/06, Andreas Lloyd <lloydinho at> wrote:
> Hi Erik,
> Erik Jan Philippo wrote:
> > We should make a survey with a lot of questions like: what's the main
> > purpose of your computer?, which other thinks do you like to do?, what
> > is the biggest problem with your computer? etc....
> >
> The marketing team are working on survey much like the one you describe
> here. I'm sure they'd appreciate any help you can offer. You can read
> more about the project here:
> Also, they're gathering more detailed User Case Studies - a project
> which you can read more about here: and
> here:
> Both of these projects are part of the new research hub for the
> Marketing Team:
> Hope you'll find this useful.
> Best regards,
> Andreas
> PS: Don't worry about your English! It's well readable :-)
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