Investigate the needs of normal users

Andreas Lloyd lloydinho at
Mon Aug 28 20:04:44 BST 2006

Hi Erik,

Erik Jan Philippo wrote:
> We should make a survey with a lot of questions like: what's the main 
> purpose of your computer?, which other thinks do you like to do?, what 
> is the biggest problem with your computer? etc.... 
The marketing team are working on survey much like the one you describe
here. I'm sure they'd appreciate any help you can offer. You can read
more about the project here:

Also, they're gathering more detailed User Case Studies - a project
which you can read more about here: and

Both of these projects are part of the new research hub for the
Marketing Team:

Hope you'll find this useful.

Best regards,


PS: Don't worry about your English! It's well readable :-)


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