Polish nitpicks: tray icons

Andy Somerville andy.somerville at gmail.com
Thu Apr 20 15:56:14 BST 2006

Has anyone noticed that the tray icons are of an inconsistent size ? 
Not so much that the pictographs themselves are inconsistent, but the
spacing around them. In particular the wireless strength indicator
almost takes up the space of 3 icons (or you might say the network
monitor all togeather takes the space of 4). There are some others
that aren't quite right, but wireless is by far the biggest offender.

I know that allot of this is considered to be upstream stuff, but is
there some way we can fix/standardize this in the future? Small, (easy
to fix?), details like this can make a big difference in polish.

While I'm nitpicking, I want to re-mention the distracting
radioactive-green battery indicator, and the new recycle bin which
looks more like an empty battery indicator rather than a bin, as, IMO,
additional polish detracting details.


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