Daniel Holbach dh at mailempfang.de
Fri Sep 23 04:50:55 CDT 2005

Hi everybody,

this is an announce mail, I wish you all to enhance and to improve - I
want this to be BIG; we all established the need for help from the
community concerning GNOME and the Desktop, so PLEASE point out
everything that comes to your mind and help to make it as 

      * flashy 
      * * B L I N G ! * and
      * cool

as possible.


Breezy needs YOU!

Nearly half a year we began the work on Breezy Badger and we wanted to
create the breeziest, coolest Desktop environment there is. The release
is very highly anticipated, people loved the preview and we will
succeed: we'll meet the goal of 
      * user-friendlyness
      * out-of-the-box workabilty
      * flash factor
      * and so on.

However, Breezy needs your help. We need to polish and fix up the last
bits to give our users the Ubuntu Linux experience they deserve. 

Therefore we announce the "Desktop Team" - we will be the guys that are
the first contact for new users, we will create, beautify and organise
the most-visible parts of Ubuntu. If you always had a strong liking for
GNOME, for how desktop things are done, you are in touch with the GNOME
world, we need you.

We will be a regular Ubuntu team with meetings, with a mailing list,
with bugs (oh yes, ...), an opinion how to do things and thrilling ideas
how to let the Ubuntu Desktop evolve.

According to a highly anticipated news-and-community-gateway (I won't
say no more here), it's 20 days until the release, so we have some
short-term goals, we'd like you to help us out with. Please don't
hesitate to join us, every bit of help is appreciated.

Our list of goals include:
      * we will triage bugs on both http://bugzilla.ubuntu.com and
      * we will list new shiny desktop stuff we should have
      * stress-test your favourite desktop environment
      * discuss and fix issues, i.e: bring some good hackers knowing how
        different parts of the desktop work and able to reply to some
        specific questions
      * create a technical place/list with people having good knowledge
        specific desktop parts

We will meet on Wednesday, September, 28th in #ubuntu-devel until the
others throw us out.

If you can already feel the warm, cosy Ubuntu feeling, please help us to
let everybody else feel it too. Spread the love!

The Desktop Team Founding Members :-)


I know, I will have to fix the number of days until release according to
the time, when you give me the GREEN LIGHT (or 'feu verte' :-p)

Please tell me which places would be suitable for this announce. I can
think of:
      * ubuntu-devel@
      * ubuntu-users@
      * Blogs
      * The Fridge (even if it's not announced then yet...)
      * ...?

Please comment on this. I URGE YOU!

Have a nice day,

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