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Mon Nov 28 04:48:21 CST 2005

Hi everybody,

these are the meeting minutes of the 1st Desktop Team Meeting. We held
it at 16:00 UTC, November 25th. You can find the irclog over here: [0]


Sebastien Bacher, Christian Bjälevik, Manu Cornet, Sebastian Dröge,
Oliver Grawert, Daniel Holbach, Mario Meyer, Vincent Untz, Michael Vogt
attended the meeting and the agenda on [1] was loosely discussed. The
purpose of the meeting was to agree on goals, find out about everybody's
expectations and how to promote the idea of a Desktop Team.

[1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/MeetingIdeas

We soon agreed, that the team needed more organisation, more publicity
and more information on what we do and how it is done. 'seb128 does
GNOME all alone' is the public observation we want to change. Oliver
stated, that one problem is that people tend to think that main packages
are "out of their reach". This is why we want to make a public

If you have patches, if you want to fix something, which is required
'main' upload rights: we do
                                                    _                 _
 ___ _ __   ___  _ __  ___  ___  _ __   _   _ _ __ | | ___   __ _  __| |___
/ __| '_ \ / _ \| '_ \/ __|/ _ \| '__| | | | | '_ \| |/ _ \ / _` |/ _` / __|
\__ \ |_) | (_) | | | \__ \ (_) | |    | |_| | |_) | | (_) | (_| | (_| \__ \_
|___/ .__/ \___/|_| |_|___/\___/|_|     \__,_| .__/|_|\___/ \__,_|\__,_|___(_)
    |_|                                      |_|

Another point we could easily agree on, that more information about our
workflows was needed. For example: if the Desktop Team updates a package
to a new version, some things are checked before it gets uploaded. This
documentation will be written and accessible on the wiki soon. Vincent
wanted to have a specific page for bug triage done by the Desktop Team,
listing bugs like 'easy to fix', 'urgent', and so on.

We created https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/NewSoftware to have a
common place (apart from [3]) where the Desktop Team can track the
progress of applications and note down their status of integration into

[2] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/NewSoftware
[3] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UniverseCandidates

We found out that nearly nobody knew of the existence of [4], which will
be the place to organise our work and checking it every now and then
might help YOU to know, where you could get involved. It is now being
separated into two parts, to also show what has been done by the team.

[4] http://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/TODO

We all liked the idea of having a Usability team, which currently formed
itself around a big set of ideas on [5]. We discussed various
opportunities for such a team, like being a subteam, having its own
mailing list, which could use as a QA contact on Usability bugs and so
on. The consensus was to have it as a part of the Desktop Team, so if
you're into Usability and have crazy ideas to make the Ubuntu Desktop a
better place, be sure to join #ubuntu-desktop today or use [6] for

[5] http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UsabilityWishlist
[6] ubuntu-desktop at lists.ubuntu.com

We discovered that the team should detach itself from the IRC a bit. We
agreed on posting decisions or ideas on the mailing list [6]. This
serves more than one purpose: this way, we document our work, get people
outside the IRC world involved, make our work more public. Vincent had
the idea of posting Desktop Team summaries every 1-2 weeks to inform the
world of what's going on.

Our next meeting will be on Friday, 16th December at 16 UTC.

Have a nice day,
 The Desktop Team

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