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Alain Perry alain.perry at
Mon Dec 26 19:08:32 GMT 2005

> I found it rather annoying that the filechooser opened to Documents by
> default, so I changed my Docuemnts folder to Document.  I use my $HOME
> folder much more than Documents.  This behaviour should be able to be
> adjusted through GNOME, so you can choose your default folder.  It
> doesn't make sense to hardcode a certain directory as the default.

Well, $HOME is the "hardcoded" choice right now, in a way, I guess it
could be argued that it is a good choice for some users (those that
only manipulate document files, and use their computer for mail and
internet browsing the rest of the time)...
In any case, is there already a consensus that this should be done ?
Is there gonna be a flamewar ?
Should I add a gconf key to adjust this for the power users that want
to (this will not be easy, but hey, I can try, can't I)?

In any case, I really don't care, since I didn't even have a
"Documents" directory before starting to work on this. I'm just gonna
make the patch, as soon as somebody tell me how I should make it

Alain Perry

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