Questions related to the new logout dialog

Jeff Waugh jeff.waugh at
Sun Dec 18 00:44:59 GMT 2005

<quote who="Sebastien Bacher">

> > The new logout dialog looks nice, will these functions also be
> > available from gdm, especially the sleep and hibernate actions
> > (restart and shutdown are already there)?
> The option is dependent of the theme.

> Does a standard boot make a difference on hibernate to go to GDM? Jeff any
> plan to change the artwork for this? 

Actually, if we go with Mark's menu from DapperDesktopGoals, these entries
should appear in it. :-) But if we end up dumping the menu idea, I'd be
happy to put these in the theme.

> > Will the new icons also be shared by gdm and lock dialog?
> Some coherence would be nice, right.

Yeah, once we're closer to deciding this, I'll respin the theme with these
icons, etc.

> > Would it make some sense to merge the 3 (gdm, logout, lock) in the long
> > term?
> We already had some discussions on the topic, this is mentionned by the
> specification.

Man I can't *WAIT* until we can do this. Dapper+1 I reckon. I would like to
fund this integration feature, if anyone can show they're prepared to do it.

- Jeff

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