A new (nearly finished) logout dialog

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at ubuntu.com
Mon Dec 5 09:03:22 GMT 2005

Le lundi 05 décembre 2005 à 02:00 +0100, Manu Cornet a écrit :

> This is my first post on the list. I have previously been involved with
> development in Ubuntu by redesigning (with Sébastien Bacher and also
> Vincent Untz) the "Add applet to panel" dialog. I am now on to the "Log
> out" dialog :)

Welcome to the list, and thanks again for your work :) 

> * To test this, you'll need to place the five *.png files inside the
> gnome-session subdirectory. Then compile, and just run
> gnome-session/logout-test without needing to install anything.

I've not icon when doing this, but it works if I run it from the
gnome-session directory 

> * I thought a long time about what icons to use for Hibernate and
> Suspend. Then I talked a little with the Tango guys, and we agreed that
> the best way actually was to use the main "Shut Down" icon, and use
> three different colors (red for real shutdown, blue for hibernate,
> orange for suspend). 

Why not, the 3 identical icons looks a bit weird to me but I'm really
not an usability guy, just a luser :)

> * Place the icons in a proper place, although I'll probably leave that
> to Sébastien, since I'm not sure where this is and how to make it
> happen.

No problem :)

> So, what do you think about this preliminary work ?

I like it but it's a bit compact. We said we want a really nice windows
for this, so I guess we can use extra spacing it both directions. We
spoke about using a separator between the 2 groups too. I'm sure than
jdub/mpt will have extra comments on this :)

For the screenshot your Xnest idea should work fine. You can probably
change the code too to make a normal window instead of grabbing the
events for it.


Sebastien Bacher

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