making the panel launcher opening the preferred apps by default?

Vincent Untz vincent at
Sat Dec 3 08:03:22 GMT 2005

Le vendredi 02 décembre 2005 à 15:51 -0500, Pascal Potvin a écrit :
> Aloha,
> As I can see in, the panel
> will be modified from breezy to dapper. In any ways, a way of
> migrating has to be thought of.

Good point: the new layout won't have the help launcher and this is the
same type of migration problem.

> I suggest that in the gnome-panel properties window (right click on
> the panel --> properties...), a button was added to reset the panels
> to the original layout. That button could then be programmed to erase
> all the panel configurations in gconf, and then put the original one
> instead. It would also be an excellent and more accessible way for
> dapper developpers to see what changes are being done in the panel
> layout, and give their advices and opinions on it faster.

I disagree for two reasons:
  * this won't get upstream :-)
  * the panel properties dialog is a dialog for one panel, and not all
the panels

However, your idea might be interesting: it might be worth having some
kind of app enabling the user to reset to default for some applications.
Sounds like a good small project for someone :-)


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