Thilo Six T.Six at gmx.de
Fre Nov 10 20:05:15 GMT 2006

Hier noch ein Zitat der Englischen Debian User liste:

>> The drift of the system clock is about 10min after 2 hours !!
> Over the years I have seen this happen a few times. The last time was
> when I set the time 1 hour back to switch to winter time. (Yes I know 
> I should set UTC instead of local time.) Another cause could be another
> OS moving the hardware clock back or forth.
> The remedy has always been to remove /etc/adjtime after setting the
> clock. It is recreated automatically.
> I do not fully understand it myself though; from the manpage of hwclock
> I understand that the time drift starts when 'hwclock --adjust' is
> executed. I am not aware of the fact that this takes place automatically
> somewhere. (Anyone?)

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