[dct] Fwd: Getting back on track

Martin Albisetti beuno at ubuntu.com
Tue Jun 12 13:09:03 BST 2007

On 6/12/07, Lucas Nussbaum <lucas at lucas-nussbaum.net> wrote:
> Maybe build on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuForDebianDevelopers
Sounds like the right thing to do, and both of you seem to agree, so I
will definitely work on that page. I feel it's lacking many important
I also think a big part of this would actually be divulging the
existence of the page on Debian's side. You both guys are DDs, so that
would fall more on your side  :D

> We could try to discuss this at debconf if others are interested. I'll
> arrive on saturday.
I think there are a few interested in this subject. If you would be
interested in giving a BoF (I don't think I have the
knowledge/experience yet to do so), I will get to work gathering
material for it.

On 6/12/07, Raphael Hertzog <raphael at ouaza.com> wrote:
> Not everything that's packaged is necessarily suitable for Debian. The
> condition is always to have a good maintainer.

I agree, this shouldn't be a random thing, but a well thought and
mentored approach.


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