[ubuntu-cym] Hacio'r Iaith 2011 - Ydych chi am ddod? Sut allwch chi helpu? - Are you coming? How can you help? - Aberystwyth

Christopher Swift christopher.swift at ubuntu-cym.org
Tue Jan 11 23:53:17 UTC 2011

This conference will primarily be in Welsh however with a basic grasp
of yr iaith Cymraeg, gallai fod yn defnyddiol. The email is in English
because it's easier to write that way and not everyone on the mailing
list gets excluded. Feel free to reply in whichever language you
choose however, ysgrifennwch ataf yn Gymraeg neu yn Saesneg.

For those of you who are interested in such things, you may know that
an open conference will be held on Saturday 29th January in
Aberystwyth. The conference will be based on the Internet, technology
and language. The location, tools and everything else has been sorted
but there is room for speakers and registrations yet! So feel free to
register to talk about something that is close to your heart, be it
Welsh translations, using blogging software such as WordPress or even
Welsh language or local apps for mobile devices like the iPhone,
Android or even the desktop as well as a variety of other topics.

The last Hacio'r Iaith was a huge success with over 40 people coming
to Aberystwyth with an atmosphere full of energy and enthusiasm for
what can be done with technology and the Welsh language. After a year
with enough negativity, it is important to celebrate what is good and
trying to cut through the darkness with positive message.

For more details I suggest checking out the announcement (which the
above is short translation of the intro) here:
I also recommend checking out the official wiki here too:

Cofion gorau,
Christopher Swift
Ysgifennwch ataf yn Gymraeg neu yn Saesneg

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