[ubuntu-cym] New website layout & ideas

Christopher Swift christopher.swift at ubuntu-cym.org
Mon May 17 19:31:03 BST 2010

Within the next few days our domain ubuntu-cym.org will be changed to
point towards this site: http://anubis.defsec.org/~ianto .  I ask to
you what would you like to see on the website and do you have any
ideas on how to make it more interactive (if that is what you want).
I'm looking for support on the following issues:
 * Translations of all posts so that both Welsh and English are not neglected.
 * News updates and content to be added every so often
 * Additional quirky things you'd like to see like the possibility of
a Planet (see http://planet.ubuntu.com/)
 * Anything else!

If you can think of much or you're willing to help out please email
back on the list so we can better organise this.


Christopher Swift
ianto on irc.freenode.net

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