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Thu May 11 10:31:48 UTC 2017

Hi Brendan,

The archive mirror is ~1.1TB. Was investigating if possible to trim off 
some fat and add it to

Did a similar approach with fedora and openSUSE, either through 
exceptions or rsync modules, mirroring the parts with most usage.


On 11/05/2017 01:16 μμ, Brendan Jocson wrote:
> hi,
> no you have to specify.
> Following debian's hierarchy, arch is a subset of the superset that 
> comprises a release version (ie: 17.04 zesty has both x86/amd64 
> releases...).
> I have local mirrors here for both debian and ubuntu due to docker 
> image CI internally, which I specifically only mirror amd64 releases 
> for both.
> I feel like I just became mrObvious here in the list, so if you can 
> elaborate further for your use case perhaps we can help narrow down 
> your issue. :)
> B
> On 11 May 2017 at 12:50, UCY Library mirror <mirror at 
> <mailto:mirror at>> wrote:
>     Hello everyone,
>     Not sure when I 'll get a reply from ubuntu mailing list, so I',m
>     asking over here in case someone knows:
>     Is mirroring part of the archive ubuntu repo an acceptable policy
>     for a public mirror? amd64 specifically.
>     Seems like the only way to "filter" by architecture is to use
>     debmirror. Is there any way to avoid -d (distribution flag) in the
>     command? What I mean by that is for it to pick up amd64 w/o
>     specifying zesty, yakkety, etc...
>     Cheers,
>     ep

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