Ubuntu-cy reacts to laptop funding pre-installed with Vista for high school students

Savvas Radevic vicedar at gmail.com
Sun Jan 11 17:01:49 GMT 2009

> why should students need a choice? The MOE should be responsible of
> making a responsible choice for students.
> Next off people should forget about the mac choice as they are out of
> the scope of a "standard" computer user.

One vendor and one specific software version means monopoly, which I
think goes against the EU Antitrust law:
(I'm not a lawyer, correct me if I'm wrong!)

If not anything else, at least give them the choice of the version
they wish to install, the upcoming Windows 7 isn't that far away -
that means they'll be spending even more on upgrades.

To make matters worse, several scientific programs they use at schools
(high schools and lyceums - especially at Physics class) aren't that
compatible with Vista, some of them will face problems during install
and usage. Most of those programs were made with Windows 98/2000/XP in

There are times when citizens have the right to choose. For example,
take the Cypriot Annan plan referendum in 2004 - the government didn't
blindly choose what to do, they asked the people of their opinion.

Students have a choice, they should at least have the right to
exercise their freedom of choice of what they would like to use, not
to blindly follow fixed decisions.

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