Ubuntu-cy reacts to laptop funding pre-installed with Vista for high school students

Savvas Radevic vicedar at gmail.com
Sun Jan 11 14:51:12 GMT 2009

The Government of Cyprus / Ministry of Education has recently decided
to fund high school students to buy a laptop. The funding will be
about 400 EUR for each student. The website and more information about
this is unfortunately posted in Greek:

The problem is that they have set a strict requirement, that laptops
would come pre-installed with Windows Vista operating system.

A local newspaper has reacted to this (in Greek):

Members of our local community have strictly opposed to the fact that
the laptops would come with Windows Vista (in Greek):

Theodotos Andreou of the Ubuntu-cy local community has recently sent a
letter (by mail and electronic mail) to the Ministry of Education
requesting a specific reason to the question "Why Vista?".
Furthermore, he requested to leave the choice for the students to
decide whether they would want a Macintosh, Windows or GNU/Linux
He also included numerous reasons about a more convenient choice of a
Linux-based operating system, including freedom, speed, stability and
price, which make a Linux operating system a much better solution for
educational purposes.
The email has been posted in our mailing list (in Greek):

The same letter has been forwarded to major media stations in Cyprus
and has been posted today (Sunday, January 11th 2009):

The Ministry has not replied to the letter, neither acknowledging nor
acquiring more information about it.

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