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Theodotos Andreou theo at
Wed Jan 7 10:28:17 GMT 2009

Yes and then put a link to the Cypriot ECDL site after they are informed
about the current status.

Savvas wrote:
>> 2) We need to setup a page regarding ECDL as we have promised to the CCS
>> people.
> What do you mean?
> An HTML explaining the problem with ECDL and the use of Microsoft
> closed-source applications?
>> 4) We need to setup a blog. Those of you that maintain their own blogs
>> they can have their blogs aggregated on the ubuntucy blog. Those that do
>> not have a blog we can create author accounts. Personnal posts will also
>> be allowed the same way they are allowed on and
>> The only restriction is to try to stick to the Ubuntu
>> Code of Contact.
> I believe they can make tags of their postings - If their blog is a
> personal+everything blog, I think they can use applications to get
> appropriate tags and feeds for those tags only.
> For example, my blog is on several planets, related and non-related to
> technology news, so I base my posts on tags - The blog is hosted on
> -
> For the tag "linux" I use feedburner:
>> 5) We need to setup a wiki to host guides and howtos on.
> Let me know when you decide to set it up and I'll transfer the
> necessary stuff. :)
> Please please please use moin-moin, it's based on python and has super
> control potentials:
>> 6) We need to setup a webmail with calendar application and task manager
>> etc. May I suggest egroupware?
> I vote for google sites:
> It takes about 5 minutes to point the DNS to the google and an account
> to control it.
> You can add email of 5-6 gb, html pages, documents and google talk for
> real-time chat.
> I think the problem is that the free version of it has several limitations:
> In the case they limit the user accounts in the free edition of google
> sites, then I support egroupware as well, as it looks like an
> application with strong capabilities.

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