Intrepid Ibix Release Party Booked!

Theodotos Andreou theo at
Mon Sep 8 07:44:05 BST 2008

Savva, The pics are so cool and I believe we should adopt them as the
official T-Shirt of the Cypriot Loco Team.

I have my concerns though on whether we should distribute T-Shirts in
the event. Here is my thoughts:

1) Cypriot have frequently fell victim of scammers that present
themselves as representatives of "charities" so they look suspicious to
anyone asking money from them. I do not blame them. So far we have been
very careful not to ask money from anyone. Whatever money were donated
so far was from member of the Team without nobody asking them. I believe
we should keep it that way.

2) In this event we will probably have, besides geeks and linux fans,
members of the academic community of TEPAK and it will look very cheap
if we distribute T-Shirts during the event. Worse we may be accused that
we organised the event as a fund-raiser which is definitely not the case.

I suggest that people should ask people in the list and the forum on
whether they are interested in pre-ordering T-Shirts for the event. We
could also set up a special corner in our website for donations and
order of T-Shirts. Lastly we should indicated to the buyers the true
cost of the items and know how much money they are actually donate to
the community.

So if anybody is interested to take the responsibility of ordering
T-Shirts and collect the money please step forward.

People that are interested in T-Shirts should show their interest in the
mailing list or in the relevant announcement in the forum

Sav vas wrote:
> I've updated the wiki site as an upcoming event:
> By the way, I have an idea, why don't we make T-shirts and distribute
> it at the party?
> They look cool and they could also be sold to members (5 euros per
> t-shirt sounds reasonable? I don't know the prices for printing)
> The money earned by this could be used for our loco team events.
> The t-shirt could either be black or white and have a sketch with
> "ubuntu cy" at front or back of the t-shirt.
> So, does anyone have a contact for t-shirt printing? :)
> Here's what I propose:
> SVG Source:

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