Local Cypriot Linux mirrors?

Theodotos Andreou theo at ubuntucy.org
Wed Oct 29 05:39:38 GMT 2008

Well we could ask them but keep in mind that none of the other ISPs have 
the resources CYTA has (accumulated by years of monopoly from the 
pockets of Cypriots). I will ask Primetel but I already see the "No" in 
the horizon.

What is wrong with the CYTA mirror anyway? Is is slow?

Savvas wrote:
> Does anyone know local linux mirrors in Cyprus? Currently, I only know
> of http://mirrors.cytanet.com.cy/linux/
> Can someone influence other ISP providers (Primetel?) to donate some
> bandwidth for mirroring? :)
> Can someone also influence them in allowing ftp and rsync protocols?

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